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in just 10 minutes

Balloon Effect to Pump Up Your Skin!

Behind the revitalising effect of our skincare series

 Our products bring firmness, radiance and smooth looking skin by moisturising it for hours and reducing puffiness and wrinkles


Carefully selected ingredients for anti-aging

balloon effect

The original technology - BCT


3 types of Growth Factors

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Rosy Drop Discovery kit

This discovery kit of rosy drop must-haves contains everything you need for excellent skin. Whether you’re already a fan of the products but want them downsized so you can take them everywhere with you, you’re looking to give them a whirl for the first time or gift them to someone you’re keen to share the secrets of your complexion with.
Two pairs of Rosy drop sheets eye patches 4ml each sachet, Rosy drop serum, Furrow rosy drop cream 5g.

20,00 € incl VAT

  • Rosy Drop stretch sheets

    Rosy drop Stretch Sheets eye patches

    120,00 incl VAT
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  • Rosy Drop Wrinkle serum

    Rosy Drop Wrinkle Serum

    120,00 incl VAT
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  • Rosy Drop Furrow Cream

    Rosy Drop Furrow Cream

    130,00 incl VAT
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The expanded moistures enable the fast visible effect in just 10 minutes and stay in horny layer for up to 2 weeks until your skin surface is renewed by a regular turnover.

Balloon Effect to Pump Up Your Skin!

The original Balloon Compressing Technology (BCT) pumps up your skin in just 3 steps and only 10 minutes! It expands the moistures  that quickly work on your wrinkles and make your skin firmer.

Step 1

The expandable balloon substance compressed to nano size soaks into every cell of the skin and immediately quenches the skin with plenty of moisture.

Step 2

Ballon substance tays in the horny layer (stratum corneum) and expands like a balloon in 10 minutes up to 8 times bigger than the original size.

Step 3

BCT pushes the loose surface up from the inner part of the skin.

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